About us

By using enneagram and NLP techniques and recognizing your personality traits and by re-engineering your mind, we will remove your mental obstacles and by setting goals in a scientific and practical way, we will determine the right path to promote your right job and with Using information technology, organizing documents and publishing on the web in the path of electronic commerce, we help you in the path of career optimization.


We are a non-profit organization. We try to use spiritual methods and mind engineering to treat and prevent people’s behavior through the use of modern psychological models called NLP and Enneagam.

The approach of this institution is to provide mental and spiritual care that focuses on the whole person and takes into account primary care, behavioral health, and mental health in career advancements.

We also provide business IT management services to help people develop business success.


1- Development and promotion of people’s business through the use of modern information technology

2- Helping to set goals for career success

3- Counseling for working people to communicate effectively through empowerment and promotion of mental, emotional and psychological health


We are nationally recognized as a leading institution in supporting healthy individuals, families and communities.

We believe in

Balance and mental, emotional and psychological well-being in business relationships

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