Consulting areas

Consulting areas

1- Psychotherapy counseling and behavioral therapy for people in the following fields:

Family counseling – behavioral planning and changing unpleasant behaviors – desensitizing from nervous shocks – erasing the negative effects of bitter memories – removing mental obstacles to achieve goals and aiming in a scientific way

How to treat:

By using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) science techniques, according to the personality characteristics of people (Enneagram), the information stored in people’s minds – in the form of images connected to feelings resulting from people’s memories about those images – is checked and if the order of these images And the feelings connected to them are inappropriate and the person has mental conflict with images and feelings related to them and creates inappropriate behaviors, by changing feelings and changing and moving mental images, changing behavior and even changing individual habits is done in the right direction.

2- Consulting in the field of human resource management in organizations including:

• Behavior therapy of employees in organizations based on NLP science (neuro-verbal programming).

• Consulting in selecting suitable human resources for hiring or replacing and hiring people according to their personality characteristics and basic behaviors based on Enneagram personality science.

Due to receiving international certificates in the following fields:

• Completion of NLP (neuro-verbal programming) engineering and behavioral therapy course at Iran’s NLP center for more than 400 hours with Prof. Dr. Korosh Meadli, representative of ACCESSEDE Institute from France

• Obtaining the Enneagram international certificate of personality and completing the basic and family level and the specialized and management level in the Iranian NLP center for 150 hours with professor Dr. Korosh Meadli, representative of ACCESSEDE Institute from France

3- Consultation and cooperation in information technology management and optimization of knowledge management systems in organizations

(with 10 years of experience in teaching the same subjects at a comprehensive scientific and applied university and 20 years of executive work in the field of information and a doctorate degree in IT in the field of knowledge management from University HILL in America and other related international degrees) including:

• Designing the internal computer network of organizations (local) and (ad hoc) and the network along with defining the access level of employees

• Consulting in the preparation and construction of software and databases and customer relationship management software (CRM) and office automation in organizations.

• Consultation and cooperation in the field of Sabet design in organizations

• Consultation and cooperation in the preparation and development of electronic archives

• indexing (thematic classification of documents in databases)

• Site analysis and selection of keywords to use on the site to improve site ranking (SEO)

• Holding an ICDL training workshop for the employees of organizations, institutions and companies and teaching the full Microsoft office to the employees of the organizations

4- Mechanization and standardization of technical services of libraries and document centers and information centers

(Having a master’s degree in librarianship from the University of Tehran and several years of experience in university library supervision and digital library supervision) including:

• Indexing (document analysis and selection of keywords for use in information systems)
• Basic indexing and computer indexing and classification and organization of Persian, English and German language documents
• Standardization of technical services of archives
• Preparation of quantitative and qualitative indicators to measure the performance of the library
• Organization of the document center and information centers
• Setting up the audio and visual resources section of the library
• Mechanization and digitalization of the library
• Selective dissemination of information (SDI) and current information services of scientific and technical resources for faculty members of universities
• Professional research in continuous and discontinuous specialized and technical databases (online, offline) and on the Internet

5- Consultation and cooperation in the field of publishing projects, research, authoring, translation, editing, and educational services including:

• Consultation and cooperation in research projects and mechanization of research projects
(Due to 2 years of working as an expert of the Research Council at the Research Institute of Science and Information Technology of Iran and designing a database of the research projects of the research institute and preparing an analytical report to examine the research situation in the research institute with regard to operational and strategic plans)
• Consulting and cooperation in the education and educational services department to prepare curriculum and educational resources and planning the education process and mechanization of education processes.
(due to 10 years of teaching at the Applied Scientific University)
• Consultation and cooperation in the publishing department for the publication, authoring and translation of books, scientific and research articles and technical-expert reports.
(due to the successful authoring of 8 specialized books and teaching several years of report writing and documenting courses at the university) • Consulting and cooperation in editing scientific and technical materials
(due to receiving an editing degree from the Persian Language and Literature Research Center of Tarbiat Modares University and successfully authoring 8 specialized books and editing 2 specialized books and teaching report writing and documentation courses at the university for several years)
• Consultation and cooperation in the translation of specialized documents in the field of information from English to Farsi
(By receiving a doctorate degree in IT from Hill University in the United States and writing a doctoral thesis in English about knowledge classification in knowledge management systems and teaching specialized language courses to students at the University of Applied Sciences for several semesters)
• Translation of specialized and technical German language documents
(Having obtained Mittelstufe and Oberstufe degrees in German language equivalent to TOEFL in English from the Cultural Department of the Austrian Embassy and a specialized German language translation training course there, as well as a bachelor’s degree in German translation from Azad University)