Records of IT projects

Operational projects

Design of commercial and educational sites included:

Research Studies

1- Master’s thesis with the title: “Feasibility of machine indexing in the agricultural jihad information center” under the guidance of the respected teacher Mr. Hari and the advice of Dr. Naqshineh

2-: Doctoral thesis entitled “Modeling a Knowledge Management System through Thesaurus-Based Automatic Indexing in IT Company”

3- Review of “Iran’s ten-year scientific publications at the international level (1998-2007)” published in “Kateb Quarterly”, number 84, winter 2009, Organization of Records and National Library of Iran. (scientific-promotional magazine)

4- Research plan for compiling the country’s water resources database (collaborator)

5- Caspian research plan to compile the Caspian Sea database (collaborator)

6- Research project on research priorities in library and information sciences (from 2000-2005) of the Research Institute of Information and Scientific Documents of Iran. (project manager) (unfinished)

Student Projects Advice

1 Review of the latest site optimization techniques for search engines

2 Reviewing and comparing the implementation performance of customer relationship management (CRM) software and choosing the highest capability for an organization

3 Designing and building an Excel educational program

4 Designing and construction of Access educational program

3 Designing and building an Word educational program

6 Modeling the accreditation process in hospitals (Jem Hospital as a model) 6 Modeling the accreditation process in hospitals (Jem Hospital as a model)

7 Designing a web-based warehouse management system

8 E-shop website design

9 Review and comparison of internet browsers

10 Invisible web and techniques to fix it